Best Games for Chromebook

Best Games to Play on Chromebooks 2020

All Android Games work on the Chromebook, just as they do on your Android smartphone, but some of them aren’t optimized to work with the keyboard and some games only support vertical phone layout.

Since all Chromebooks are equipped with Keyboards & Touchpads, I list the games that can take advantage of this and provide you with PC gaming experience. Okay, here are some of the best games you can enjoy on Chromebooks that can completely rumble.

Best Games For Chromebooks

1. Lode Runner 1

Lode Runner is one of Chromebook’s best games that you can build on. If you’ve played the classic lode runner game, you’re probably already familiar with one of the best puzzle games. Nexon, the corporation behind the lode runner has now developed an Android title with better graphics and keyboard functionality.

The game is designed well even for operating on Chromebooks. Just use the shifting arrow keys and Z & X keys to aim the shot. Although you still have to use the touchpad to access the menus, the keyboard can be used when playing. The default keys are good enough but you don’t have such options here in case you wanted to keep them to your liking.

Download Lode Runner

Lode Runner for Chromebook

2. Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is a popular game with over 50 million+ downloads on the Android Play Store. With the ninja powers and the shadow force that entered the world, you battle with enemies.

The visuals, sound effects, and movements toward combat, etc, make the gameplay very pleasant. The game also allows keyboard data, but there are no automatic kicking buttons, by design. You need to go to and delegate configurations. For example, the movement keys are set to arrow keys, and can not be modified.

Download Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 Game for Chromebook 2020

3. Alto’s Odyssey

This is kind of an Arcade game you just need to use the touchpad. All you do is float around the mountains, escaping into huddles.

The game’s visuals and music allow it even more absorbed. And when still desired, all you need to do is left-click. It might seem too convenient, but in reality, it is not, as you go it becomes even harder. You can even play using the Chromebook’s touchscreen, it feels a little bit better than playing with the trackpad.

Download Alto’s Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey

4. Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing is a well-known game on Android. It is simplistic and has basic visuals with smooth efficiency.

Just use the arrow keys to speed up, slow and change direction. In this game, you also get control which can be used to stop other players from playing. Yet sadly, it does not have keyboard access, and you have to use the touch screen for it.

And we also can not use the keyboard to navigate through menu options. Anyhow, when more is needed you can use the keyboard.

Download Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing 2

5. Roblox

Roblox itself is kind of a Play Store. You can have your character built and play a lot of games. Before you go, you may even test ratings of each team.

You’re going to join the server as it’s a live game, and compete with real people. You can get people involved and make friends. Or you can easily create your own game and challenge your mates And the best part is that in every game it supports the keyboard.

Download Roblox


Best Games for Chromebook

In addition to all these titles, Google is slowly rolling Stadia which on the Chromebooks can be the future of Gaming.

This allows you to enjoy all the games as the app loads instead of the computer on the Google Servers. Besides these titles, you can also try other games from the Google Play Store, the Chrome Web Store, the Humble Store, the Ubuntu Titles, etc. If any of them work great, please share them with us.

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