Top 5 Fresh Arcade Games for Android You Should Try

These Fresh Arcade Games for Android you should definitely try. Due to advances in mobile game development engines and toolkits, mobile gaming has grown rapidly over the past few years. Although there are lots of action-packed games on the Android platform such as PUBG Mobile and Modern Combat, there are times when all you need is a simple arcade game that will relax and refresh your mind. We’ve selected five new arcade games to help you get off your busy life routine. So let’s get started.

Fresh Arcade Games for Android

1. Ordia

Fresh Arcade Games for Android

Ordia is on this list as my favorite arcade game. The game offers one-tap regulation where you are taking baby steps to be a new organism. This helps you to get through the game by hopping, skipping, holding and slipping steps. There are 30 daunting levels built in 3 different worlds.

There are various difficulty stages, bonus levels in the game should you not be interested in pursuing the game flow and its plot. The game is being charged for and will cost you Rs.360 to purchase from Play Store. This is one of the best Fresh Arcade Games for Android that you should definitely try.

Download Ordia: Android (Rs. 360)

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2. Rescue Wings!

Fresh Arcade Games for Android

Rescue Wings! It’s a fun-filled arcade game where you take on the role of firefighter Scruffy. By diving into the lakes and extinguishing forest fires, you’ll have to fill your water tank. The game has a number of exciting features that you should try, including jets fuelled, bombs, UFOs and more.

While you level up in the game, you get to access over 16 exclusive planes. There are over 15 levels and you’ll activate time trial mode if you manage to score 3 stars in all of them. The platform is available free of charge and makes purchases in-app. This Fresh Arcade Games for Android you will love.

Download Rescue Wings! Android (Free)

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3. Drop Stack Ball

Fresh Arcade Android Games

Drop Stack Ball is a game involving only a single touch entry. The game’s aim is to let down the ball without touching black stacks. If you’re keeping long enough you can create combinations to split black blocks.

There are over 300 levels in the game and playing it’s pretty fun to kill time while waiting for someone/something is trapped. The game has advertising and is accessible on Play Store for free.

Download Drop Stack Ball: Android (Free)

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4. Stack Fall

Fresh Arcade Games for Android

The title is somewhat similar to the previous game on the chart but in terms of graphics and animations offers a different experience. The game’s basic concept is to guide the ball to the tower’s bottom without getting hit.

In the game, which is visually pleasing and gives a refreshing experience, you’ll be getting different shaped stacks to destroy You can also play with a single finger into the game. The game has ads that can be removed as an in-app purchase, by spending Rs.280.

Download Stack Fall: Android (Free)

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5. Pick Me Up™

Fresh Android Arcade Games

As the name suggests, your role in the game is to be a taxi driver who will pick up clients and drop them off at their destinations to earn cash in the game. The controls are fairly simple. Tap and hold the car to drive and release it for brake application.

The game also provides VIP membership which is a weekly pass that will cost you $5.99 (~Rs.440) with rewards including three luxury vehicles, double the in-game cash won so far, 250 in-game cash bonuses and an ad-free experience.

Download Pick Me Up: Android (Free)

Final Thoughts on Fresh Arcade Games for Android

So, that sums up our short list of five arcade games that we believe should be checked out by 2020. Which one have you liked the most? In the comments please let us know.

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