Best Multiplayer Android Games for Couples

Looking for list of Multiplayer Android Games for Couples to play with your partner. Longing for another important one? These days, there are so many ways to fill the physical gap. You can talk with one of the mobile users, re-see the same episodes of Friends on Netflix or enjoy multiplayer games together. Yup…… yup. It’s a phenomenon that’s growing among couples. Makes things easier, huh?

You’ll need to pay attention to detail, concentration, creatively prepare, critical reasoning, team play, flexibility and socialize based on the game you’re playing. Phew, yeah. A ton remains to be learned. We’ve managed to include games in both Android and iOS so you’re ready to go if your friends own an iPhone. These games often operate on WiFi and cell phones, so we’ve protected you whether you’re sharing your apartment with you And or in a long-distance relationship. Let’s go.

Multiplayer Android Games for Couples


Love movies for action? You will love PUBG. Who isn’t? You’ll get hooked at the wildly popular and addictive strategy-based game. Because its voice chatting feature is perfect for couples who want to hook up together digitally. It’s the fittest defense. In duo game, you must land on a remote island with 98 other players along with your friend. Guns, med-kits, energy supplements, scopes, weapons, containers, etc.

There’s everything you need but you’ve got to find and hunt for it. The last couple standing wins the game and gets a coveted dinner of chicken to eat. PUBG is a game of strategy, endurance and sheer will to live with unpredictable environments, powerful weapons, and a comprehensive open-world environment.

Multiplayer Android games for couples

We think PUBG is one of the best Multiplayer Android games for couples.

Download PUBG: Android | iOS

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2. Draw Something

Draw Something is another fun multiplayer game you can play with your partner. You have to just connect it with Facebook. Then challenge and play. The game is all about drawing and guessing. You have to draw the given word and your partner will guess that word. And then your partner will draw the given word and you have to guess it right. So, it gonna be fun. Just try this game once. you will love it surely.

Draw Something

Download Draw Something: Android

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3. QuizUp

QuizUp is a fun quizzing app where you can build your own questionnaire for your partner to play with. You can also operate on the basis of the mutual interests and hobbies you share with millions of other users around the world. Just pick a subject or build your own quizzes, invite your SO to participate. What’s her favorite color?

To add your SO to QuizUp, open the sidebar menu by sliding the screen from right to left, so check for the ‘Friends’ option. It goes without saying that both users are required to create a free account to use the app. QuizUp is optional, and advertisements are not intrusive but the game is free. This is why we put this game on 2nd position of our Best Multiplayer Android Games for couples list. Multiplayer Android Games for Couples


Download QuizUp: Android | iOS

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4. Zynga’s With Friends games

Zynga has developed multiplayer games which are really good. They include Words With Friends, Draw Something, Chess With Friends, Gems With Friends, Crosswords With Friends, Words With Friends 2 and their latest game. Each game allows you to pair up online in competitive play with a friend or stranger. They’re not sports that are very technical.

They’re nice to the kids, quick to get in, and simple to play with. These games allow you to more quickly sign in to Facebook and find friends. They’re not great, but to play with friends or family, they’re child-friendly, easy and fun.

Words with friends

Download Zynga: Android 

5. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe. I think everyone loves this game or at least played this once. But we used to play in notebooks. So, in this digital world, play Tic Tac Toe digitally with your love ones. This game will give you a nostalgic feeling. And the best part of the game is, it wouldn’t last long. Tic Tac Toe is best for a short time. But, I think it becomes competitive when your partner is pro at this one. So, enjoy it!

Tic Tac toe

Download Tic Tac Toe: Android

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6. The Sims Mobile

The Sims is a successful, real-life simulation franchise, a role-playing game where you are part of a virtual world. You can build your own Game, character and there start a life. It includes playing with friends, creating your dream home, finding love, etc. Pretty much what you’d do in the real world. Even in the game you can get married and take divorce.

Invite your other significant one and together inside the game, you can create a whole universe. A perfect way to know what you both want from virtual life before going forward with a real-world strategy. The game is, however, a lot of fun.

The Sims Mobile is free to play, but SimCash is required to purchase luxury furniture, clothes, vehicles, etc. You can gain SimCash either by purchasing it in-app or by doing work that involves completing tasks.

Download The Sims Mobile: Android | iOS

7. Virtual Families 2

Want to get married and get some settlement? Possibly raising a family? Digital Family 2 can be of support to you. Join this game of simulation where you can marry, and raise a family with your partner. You are going to adopt a boy, and teach him/her to be a better person. You can even leave your kiddo with your house and other things if, well, you die.

There are incidents that will happen unexpectedly in your home or life around it, to make things interesting. A fun way of learning how a family works together attaining shared goals.

Virtual Families 2

Download Virtual Families 2: Android | iOS

Multiplayer Android Games for Couples

There are so many Android and iOS multiplayer Android games for couples out there. Those games will help you get going in no time with your friends. There is something for you here: action, quiz, virtual simulation or board games. So, what multiplayer game do you love playing with friends and other significant ones?

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