PUBG Mobile Darcia got new Maserati Ghibli Skin

In the past we see PUBG Mobile partnering with companies such as Bape, the upcoming Godzilla film franchise, The Walking Dead and many more. Okay, we might see yet another alliance with Maserati car maker soon.

YouTuber Rey Lagarto has posted a video showing PUBG Mobile’s Chinese version (Game of Peace) with a new skin for the Dacia Maserati. The skin is the Ghibli Maserati, and it looks pretty good. The video includes an exclusive publicity clip that demonstrates the relationship between the mobile game and the car company. The video leads to a gameplay clip showing both the game and the latest skin in motion in the app.

PUBG Mobile Darcia Skin

A minimum of three finishes is available-Blue, Pink and Golden. The skin should be special, pricey to get, and it depends on the Dacia, according to the video description. One has to play a roulette mini-game to get your hands on the skin and the skin’s approximate cost is $150 to $200, with the golden edition being the toughest to get.

There is no proof that the Dacia skin is going to make its way to the game’s global version but it appears very nice. If it does, I’m pretty sure gamers will try to get their hands on the new skin even though it will cost a few bucks.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, with many others jumping on the bandwagon, is generally considered to be the iconic BR games. One among the competitors is Fortnite–which also came to smartphones around the same period–but from other established franchises, including Call of Duty, there’s increased activity in BR sports. Yet PUBG’s only about battle royale, and although there are different types of playing, it all centers around this theme of scavenger survival, which is incredibly simple.

What’s most noteworthy is the popularity of PUBG Mobile: there are 20 million active daily players (according to Tencent); it maintains the number 1 position on iTunes for strategy games (with an excellent 4.5-star review)and resides on Google Play in the top action games (again with near-perfect consumer score).

PUBG Mobile Darcia Skin

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