Cricket Games for Android

Top 5 Multiplayer Cricket Games for Android

Cricket is a dynamic game with rules challenging to understand for anyone new to it. To some, it’s like no other game. It’s essentially a multiplayer game and a lot more fun when you play it with friends. I’m not only going to share some of Android’s best multiplayer cricket games but also share some fun details and tidbits for you to enjoy. Kick back, unwind and get ready for a cricket game. Let’s go.

1. Real Cricket Game

Real Cricket is a series of game applications developed to concentrate on the various gameplays. Australian T20 BashChampions League, Premier League, Test Match and RC Go are all there. That’s been a lot of Cricket. All of these are multiplayer cricket games for Android users, which come with amazing, realistic graphics. The Go edition is just 35 MB, ideal for low-cost smartphones but all other smartphones offer amazing specifications and graphics.

Real Cricket Multiplayer Cricket Games Real Cricket Multiplayer Cricket Games

The games are based on such a theme as numerous competitions taking place around the world. Participate in the auctions, build the squad, guide the tournament forward, create player profiles, and so on. The app makers have tied up with Gray-Nicolls and SS Cricket to provide authentic cricket kits like bats, pads, helmets, and more. In your favorite cricketing style dress up for a match with friends.

Real Cricket is one of the most popular multiplayer cricket game for Android in 2020.

Download Real Cricket: Android (Free)

2. Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash Cricket is an innovative and well-developed cricket game that has realistic graphics and intuitive controls. Here’s the latest Big Bash League (BBL) and Womens Big Bash League (WBBL) online. You will play multiplayer batting in both public and private mode, with up to 5 players. Well, in this game, I love the multiplayer mode, it’s so enhanced so you can easily connect to the other players and enjoy the gameplay. This is one of the Android Phones’ finest cricket games. Thinking about the game’s other characteristics, instead of getting Mini Super Over Tournament, Complete BBL tournament, and Fast Play.

Online Multiplayer Cricket Games Multiplayer Cricket Games for Android

Download Big Bash Cricket: Android (Free)

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3. WCC2 or World Cricket Championship 2

WCC2 is available in two ways: online and offline. Then there are various modes like Quick Play where you can simply start with the game, tournament mode that is further divided into Ashes vs. Ashes, ODI series, World T20 cups and more. Those names were the only thing that irked me. They’re spoofed and it’s not authorized (S Dwahan anyone). The videos are amazing, and both batting and bowling, there are over 150 to watch.

WCC2 Cricket Cricket Games Android

The controls are well-designed and ergonomically arranged, and the action is just as enjoyable as hell. There are various degrees of difficulty when bowling, and when batting shots. Multiple camera angles make it exciting, particularly when you ask for decisions from the third umpire. There is a helpful guide for us to know. Specifics such as pitch conditions during bowling, D / L system, temperature, player characteristics and specialties, fielder’s emotions, and stats have been given much consideration.

Download WCC2 or World Cricket Championship 2: Android (Free)

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4. Sachin Saga

Sachin Saga is a fresh cricket game in the market. As you guessed it already that this game is all about the great Sachin Tendulkar. He is Cricket’s undisputed king. He is the champion of the people and he is widely regarded as the God of Cricket. Get Sachin Saga if you’re a genuine fan of Sachin and a total fan of the game as he personifies it. You’ll have to walk in the famous character’s shoes and enjoy his gaming life. Be the ultimate shooter and grasp how it works.

Sachin Saga Cricket Games Sachin Game

He has masterfully adapted his famous batting style, catching, and bowling to give you an authentic experience. Any of his most famous moments and matches in the game have been recreated, so you can enjoy those matches. There is a game mode for online cricket but also a series and a story mode. In Sachin Story, he faces some of his darkest fears and formidable foes.

Download Sachin Saga: Android (Free)

5. Bat Attack Cricket Multiplayer

Bat Attack Cricket Multiplayer is a superb Nextwave Multimedia Inc game. You can customize the players in this game (jersey, socks, gloves, etc.), multiplayer mode, there are 2 options for multiplayer cricket–public or private for 2 or 5 overs matches. You can play in public mode with the person that’s in the game online. But, Private mode is used by Whatsapp or any chat app to play with your nearby friends by sharing code with your buddies, if he/she can access this code then you can play the game with your friend directly.

Big Attack Best Cricket Games for Android

Download Bat Attack Cricket: Android (Free)

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This is the whole list of Cricket games for Android that you can play with your friends both online and offline. These Cricket games are popular for long times and made a place in people’s minds. If you are a cricket freak then definitely you at least played on of these Multiplayer Cricket Games. If you haven’t tried then try these Android games and enjoy with your Cricket lover friends. And if you have any other splendid Cricket game then share it with us via comments. We will definitely try and add that to the list. Stay Home and Stay Safe.

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